Temecula tax accountant - Tax preparation services - tax professional

What separates Temecula Tax Accountant from the competitors?  Plain and simple the expertise.

Phillip B. Chute is an Enrolled Agent, tested, licensed and certified by the IRS.  He has prepared well over twenty five thousand returns, over 30 years of exprience and has represented countless audits and appeals.

Handling taxes and solutions for the state of California but also Certified for all of United States.

High quality solutions for federal and state tax problems. His clients know him as the best tax service in Temecula and Murrieta.

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Temecula tax accountant - Tax preparation services - tax professional

Professional Tax Services

This website was constructed to inform and attract two kinds of clients. The first is people who have problems with their taxes and may not have filed for a year or more.

The other is to offer our services to people who want a steady reliable firm with a responsible professional to offer not only instant gratification [a current return] but information all year around by phone or mail on any financial matter. This has been the object of my career and I continue to provide personal professional services for all.

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Thanks so much for your help with our tax withholding election form. Phillip B. Chute, EA, has been our consultant for more than 40 years and we can honestly say that we received exceptional services during that time. He keeps current with the ever-changing laws/regulations and is very thorough in preparing our tax statement which resulted in refunds for most years. Thank you Phillip for all your help through the years.

Edison and Nenita Cabacuncan - Professors Emeriti, Calif. State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Thank you for your advice. Just would like to share with you that I just successfully cleared my tax bill. Franchise Tax Board claimed my national chain pharmacy never sent over 5000 dollars of tax withheld. I wasted over 6 hours to be the phone (called but could not get to anyone, had to wait 1 hour, called again, still no one, had to wait 1 hour, then, called the a representative called back.) Anyway, the first representative looked but could not find the money my company sent. I wasted hours with my company and they confirmed that they sent money every month. After knowing that, I called Board of Equalization and insisted that my company sent money every month, tax board could not possibly miss ALL my tax withheld money. Second representative looked deeper and found the money. I just want to share my experience with you so you can help others. Thank you for posting on your web site that I was not alone. That gave me power and motivation to contest nicely and politely with the Board of Equalization. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous Caller

Federal Problems, Delinquent or Past Due Returns

There are alot of scams including lawyers and CPA's. They bill thousands up front and the customer has to fight them to get the work done if it ever gets done. There are countless stories of mis-handling customers returns, audits and appeals.

At Temecula Tax Services we will provide remedies without charge for people who have maligned by other "professionals". We are talking about the IRS Circular 230 which provides standards for all tax preparation services. Like a driving license, it is a privilege to do returns, like driving a car is a privilege.

Our billing policy is to fill a deposit for not more than $500 and then we bill Enrolled Agent time at $100 an hour against the deposit. All work is done afterwards by Phil Chute personally to a satisfactory completion basis.

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Tax Appeals

The Appeals process is a two-step process. The first is where you meet with one of the best IRS auditors and present your case and differences using the proper tax code outline. Temecula tax audit and Temecula tax professionals.

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Phillip B. Chute - Certified IRS Enrolled Agent

Before we get started, I would like to state that I served my country Honorably as a Paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division for three years. I found it to be good training for business because they toughened me up enough to survive in business afterward.

Firsthand, I want to state that I have extensive accounting experience with major firms and also with financial work as a Dun & Bradstreet reporter, a bank office manager, and as a Registered Investment Advisor.

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Business Forms that work for you

Business forms are very complicated and the information below is only a sketch of the possibilities available to every business. Be sure to consult with a professional when beginning a new business.

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Quickbooks, Self-Prepared Tax Returns and Mishandled Taxes

In this age of computer immersion everybody can do their own returns and keep their business records on Quick Books. We can also do our own brain surgery and design our own atomic bomb. For basic returns and bookkeeping, a smart educated person can perform well. Everybody can be a novice until it gets complicated. A person can get trapped in the complicated stuff without being aware there is a problem. The software usually proves more complex than the individual can effectively manage without experience and education. Clients rarely want to pay for close supervision on a month-to-month basis so they are usually left alone to their own solutions and results.

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Many years ago I would visit new businesses for my job as financial reporter of Dun & Bradstreet. I would hand the owner my card and ask for financial statements, if any, and discuss their business operation. Usually they needed bank credit and the banks would require us to form a financial picture of their business along with their antecedents for their loan application.

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Wills, Trusts, and Estate Taxes

Every year a rich client passes away and we do an estate return. Here is a refresher course on this complex [that means get professional advice on the real event] area of taxation.

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