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This website was constructed to inform and attract two kinds of clients. The first is people who have problems with their taxes and may not have filed for a year or more. Preparation service tax.

The other is to offer our services to people who want a steady reliable firm with a responsible professional to offer not only instant gratification [a current tax return] but information all year around by phone or mail on any financial matter. This has been the object of my career as a professional tax preparer and I continue to provide personal professional services for all.

Office Help

We offer a free consultation by phone or person to review new client problems or discuss the scope of our services. Sometimes a problem can be solved with a short discussion and there is no charge. Most people find this agreeable and become new clients afterward.

For current clients we always offer free telephone calls and review correspondence without charge during the year as long as it is not complex or require additional work. We will refund your fees if there is a problem with tax work [for penalties and interest] which was caused by us.

It is hoped that all new clients become long-term clients which provides for the best professional service in the future. As they say in the securities and banking business, “Get to know your clients.”

Most of my clients have been with us for decades and it is wonderful to see them again each year, after a year away.

I am blessed to be of service to the many thousands of people who have come to me. My practice has included military generals, ordinary people, returns for people who have been killed in accidents, people with huge inheritances, people who needed testimony in corporate wrongful death trials, people who needed tax returns completed so they could go to prison, people filing bankruptcy, people hopelessly cornered by the tax collectors, people of every imaginable occupation from a narc cop who enjoyed shooting people to a long-haired Special Agent from a President's bodyguard in Palm Springs [this man was in his thirties and single, so he could better protect his President, who he faithfully admired, wherever he went]

One man thought he was a professional gambler and we went to tax court to dispute winnings that really were not taxable. We won the tax court appeal because he always spent more money than he could win at the card table. But he lost later on, financing his obsession with stolen money and went to prison.

Perhaps the least exciting event was when client slipped on her pet pig's doo-doo in her yard. After returning from the hospital the elderly client traded the pig for her tax returns. The pig arrived in large packages from the butcher. It tasted awful because it was not cured. From there it went to a grateful unemployed client and his family.

Sometimes I am blessed to prepare estate tax returns for clients who are the sons of parents and grandparents whom I have also prepared estate tax returns for over the years.

My experience, especially with securities, is awesome. Last year I reviewed the investments made by a corporation. The investments were an insurance product and funded with millions of dollars. I saw that the owner of the security was the corporation that bought it but the beneficiary was an officer. Upon death of the insured who was another officer, the whole sum would go outside the corporation to the beneficiary. This would result in a taxable distribution of millions of dollars [all distributions are taxable as dividends or wages]. The beneficiary would owe more than a million dollars in taxes on the death of the insured. .At my request they corrected the problem by changing the beneficiary to the corporation. A year late the insured officer died and the money went back into the corporation where it belonged and only the excess over the purchase price was taxable. I still can't believe the insurance company never reviewed the agent's work on this exceptional purchase.

Like the Pawn Shop people, I always welcome the next client because you never know who they are or what they need.

Thank you,
Phillip Bruce Chute, EA

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