H. L. Becker     01/22/2015

We met Phil Chute approximately 15 years ago after the big .com bust and then some abuse from Prudential Securities. When I contacted Phil He said, you don't have a lot to work with but I'd be happy to give it a try." Now 15 years later we are back financially safe and secure using advice from Phil.

  Steve Holt     12/09/2015

Phil has been my tax consultant for over 10 years. His professionalism, his many talents and the great stories he has shared with me over the years is what makes me continue to have him prepare, and consult my income taxes. I have 2 businesses that require his knowledge and I can count on Phil to prepare the tax returns for them.

  Brian Dempsey     01/22/2015

Phil. has been doing my personal and business taxes since 1976. I have found him to be a true professional and an expert consultant, his knowledge and advice has served me well in the past and made my life worry free in the field of taxes.A more conscientious and friendly person to have representing you would be difficult to come by..

  K P Hollister     07/25/2015

I found Phil on the internet after searching for an IRS Enrolled Agent. wanted to make sure that I did not get audited. I don’t live in CA so I had to fax all of my information. Phil was very prompt in his request of additional information. He finished my taxes fasted then I expected and had everything out to me immediately in the mail. I was very surprised when the package arrived. The copies were professionally bound, postage was already place on the preprinted envelopes to be sent to the IRS and he attached additional information for use in the future. Thank you again, Phil for making this an enjoyable experience.You will get referrals from me!

  L CeInik     08/22/2015

Phil handled my business's incorporation and provides all the accounting and tax filing services for it. His expertise and advice have been invaluable in helping me start and manage my business. I also use him for my personal taxes. Beyond his knowledge and expertise, he is outstanding in customer service. He's always available and willing to help whenever I need him. I would recommend him to anyone that wants quality work and superior customer service.

  S Glen     11/04/2015

Phil has been doing my business accounting and personal taxes for 15 years. His financial expertise has saved me literally tens of thousands of dollars and helped me earn substantially more. His approach is straight forward, thorough and meticulously detailed. Every suggestion or recommendation is made strictly with the customer's goals in mind. He's the best type of partner a small business owner can have. If you value knowledge, reliability and sincerely from a financial adviser then Phil is your solution.

  Raegan Erdman     04/18/2016

I'm a mortgage loan officer and needed to contact Phil regarding a mutual client who was refinancing his property. Phil has prepared the client's taxes for over 25 years and he exemplifies reliability, consistency and knowledge of the tax code. He was extremely helpful and I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a salt-of-the-earth tax person.

  C. Sykes     01/22/2016

I found Philip on the Internet. I was impressed with his professionalism and quick turnaround in completing our taxes. I informed him of additional information for our taxes a few days after I dropped off our documents. He happily accepted the information and quickly revised our taxes. I would highly recommend his services

  Brian Richard     08/15/2016

Philip has done my taxes and tax planning for over 35 years. He is extremely knowledgeable and always provides sound advice. I highly recommend Philip and has staff for your professional tax needs.

  G. Winfield     01/14/2016

My business had been audited by the IRS four years in a row. Then I met Phil and started using him for my business's accounting and tax filings. That was 31 "problem free" years ago. If you want things done right the first time, advice you can trust and personalized service, Phil is your man.

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